This Is Why!

"I tell you the truth, whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me." Matthew 25:40

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun Night at the Game!

Saturday night we took the kids to a Lookouts game...we have been wanting to go all summer but just haven't gotten around to it. We went with two other couples and had a total of ten kids! It was a great night...we all had a blast! I love watching all of the kids together...they all got along so well! One of the couples that went have adopted two boys into their family(they have a 13 year old son already) was so sweet to watch those boys enjoy this time with their new family. It seems as though they have been together all along. To hear them call their new parents "mom" and "dad" just melts your heart. What they have been through up until this point is sad to think about but now to know that they will forever be a part of this wonderful family is just so amazing...but the best part of all is that from this point on they will know about the amazing God who created them for a wonderful purpose!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Great Day!

Today I sent in our Group 1 paperwork to the adoption agency for our final approval along with a check for the Ethiopia program...I am so excited this step is over!

I can't tell you how long I have been staring at the paperwork on our dining room table. To have completed all of it is a big deal but to finally save up the money to send with it is even a bigger deal! Some days I felt like this was never going to happen. In these difficult times for us to save extra money is a miracle from God! I have come to realize even more that every penny we have is His and what we do with His money should be taken very seriously. We have changed so many things about the way we spend money. I really have tried to ask myself if what I am buying is something I "need" or just "want". It has made a huge difference in the way I spend money now. I've learned to get by on so much less! Kelly and I feel very blessed for how the Lord has taken care of us and we know that He has led us to this adoption and He will see us through!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today was a very difficult day for me...but also a day of hope. Today I dropped my wedding ring off at the jewelry store where Kelly bought hopes of selling it to raise money for our adoption.
A while back I was feeling really discouraged about where the money for our adoption would come from and I was praying that God would just show us a way to be able to do this if this was His will. All of a sudden the idea of selling my ring came into my head. Believe me...that had to be God...because there is no way I would have come up w/ that one on my own. I love my ring...I remember the exact moment and the exact words Kelly said to me as he got down on his knee to propose. But you know what...that memory will never leave my mind...ring or no ring. I use to be that girl that cared about what a ring looked like...was it big enough or pretty enough...but the day I met Kelly that pretty much went out the window. All I knew was that I wanted to be married to Kelly and he could have given me a Ring Pop and I would have been just as thrilled. I know how strong and wonderful my marriage is and I don't need a diamond on my finger to prove it. Yes I will be very sad if someone buys my ring but when I look at Kelly and my family I just know that a ring has nothing to do with my happiness. One day when I look into my child's eyes when I go to meet them in that orphanage I will know that it was all worth it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Day Has Come!

This is the day I've been dreading all summer...well I've really dreaded it since the day my children were born...but I guess it can't be avoided. As sad as I am to watch both of my babies head off to school I do know that the Lord has blessed us with being able to go to a wonderful school and learn about all of the amazing things that he has created! Getting an education is a gift from God and it's what the Lord wants for us...there is so much he has created in this world for us to discover! I also think about the orphans in the world that don't get that same opportunity...I can't wait for our child in Ethiopia to be given the chance to get a wonderful education that otherwise they might not ever have.
As I sit at home today "alone" I can't help but feel a little's a whole new experience for me...not hearing someone say "mommy" every few minutes! I keep watching the clock and can't wait to jump in my car at 2:00 and go get my sweeties!

**check out the COOL new school shoes...they picked them out themselves!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Countdown to Kindergarten!

The past couple of days I have spent with Asa...getting him (well really me) prepared for starting Kindergarten. Since Iris went back on Wednesday that has given us a couple of days alone to hang out. I remember when Asa was born and being so tiny...just 5lbs...and now he looks so big...heading off to school. Time flies so much faster with the second don't know where all the time goes!
I asked Asa what he wanted to do with me before starting school and the only thing he requested was to go to McDonald's for lunch...we've done this once a week since he was probably 2 years of course on Wednesday that's what we did. Then off to Walmart to buy school supplies. Watching Asa help pick out all of his supplies was really sweet...he is so eager to start school! Thursday was our last day together. All day I kept thinking about all of the time I have had with him...I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. I have been very blessed to be able to stay home and raise my children and I thank the Lord for that! Today we went to the gym and ate lunch together at home and he took his last nap with his stuffed lamb "mat-mat"-it's very sad to me! I have never been at home without one of my children and now they will both be gone five days a week...we will see how I handle it! I love you are the sweetest and most genuine little boy...I am so blessed to be your mommy...I know you will have an awesome year in kindergarten!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iris Anne's Big Day!

Every year I just can't believe how much my daughter is growing! When she started Kindergarten and then 1st grade...she seemed so big...and once again I am watching her start another year at school. 2nd grade does seem to be here way too soon...especially for my baby! Kelly and I still took her to school together and walked her to her new classroom and of course had to take pictures...atleast she still lets me(for now)! I know one day she will only want to be dropped at the door outside...but for now I am happy that she wants me to be right there with her as she takes each new step in life. I pray that one day she will look back and realize that her dad and I were there for every moment..big or small!
We love you Iris are growing up right before our eyes...but we love seeing you turn into such a beautiful and smart little lady. The Lord has blessed us with more than we could have ever hoped for and you are such a special gift from above!
Hope you have a wonderful year in 2nd grade!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Last Fun Day!

Today was our last Fun Day together...well for all three of us...Iris Anne starts school tomorrow...Asa doesn't start until Friday.
First we went and bought all of our school supplies...then lunch at Subway(Iris's pick) and then to see Shrek Forever After...which was the best Shrek movie so far.
We had a great day together but of course all I kept thinking about was that today was our last day together before sis goes off to 2nd grade!
I loved having fun with the kids all's really sweet to see Iris and Asa growing up together and becoming friends as they get older!

Monday, August 16, 2010

St. Simons Vacation 2010

We just got back from our family vacation to St.'s one of our favorite places to take the kids. We just love staying at the King & Prince...we always have a great time there! It was a great way to end our summer! I don't really want the kids to start school but I know they are looking forward to another fun year at BBS!
Hope everyone had a wonderful summer!
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Day #7-Here we go again!

Iris just can't get enough of the skating rink! Well to be honest-I love it too...especially when they play Michael Jackson songs! Today we went with some friends and a couple of Iris and Asa's cousins and we just had a great time! Iris's new friends Katie and Molly that went were adopted from's really neat to see how happy they are in their family and I talked to their mom about the things they are able to do since they were adopted that otherwise they would never get to do. It's sad to think about the orphans in this world that will never get to have a fun childhood like our children...I want so badly to bring our child home so they can start having that childhood they deserve!

I just keep telling myself "it's all in God's timing"... and I just know it's going to happen!
**Happy 13th Birthday Rhett!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hangin' with Lily!

Sunday night Iris and Asa's cousin Lily came over to spend the night. They had lots of fun...dressing up, riding the dirt bike with Kelly, playing with American Girl dolls, and they even talked Asa into doing an oatmeal facial mask with them...he'll do anything if the girls will let him play with them! Needless to say we were all pretty tired Monday morning...but it was worth it...they are growing up so fast!

I can't wait til our new little boy or girl gets to meet all of their cousins...they will have some great times together!